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What is KeepingTrac
Next-Morning Reporting
Performance Management
Media/Market Coverage
KeepingTrac is a NEW TV campaign performance management system that tracks TV 'buys' ensuring they deliver planned GRPs on a daily basis.

GRP Performance on Autopilot - in close to real-time, KeepingTrac verifies commercials aired in every DMA in the US, integrates ratings and then matches this data against your buy schedule for a complete picture of campaign performance. By providing daily and weekly GRP performance reports, KeepingTrac allows you to detect GRP under-delivery and make corrections before the flight is over -- so post-analyses will be at a 100-index.

Web-based KeepingTrac - gives you, next day, the information needed for performance management:
  * Are your TV commercials airing as ordered?
  * Will spot & networks campaigns deliver planned GRPs?
  * Did 'buying guideline' violations occur?